(n. sound or call in Seminole Creek)

“The Serious Side of Peter Schickele”

As you might imagine, it has been hard for the man behind the mayhem to escape the shadow of P.D.Q. Bach, the satiric persona that he created, despite his many successes as a “serious” composer.  We don’t think sympathy is in order, of course, because of the self-applied nature of it all coupled with the resulting relative fame and notoriety.  We do, however, feel that many of the works that he chooses to publish under his own name, such as the Quartet for clarinet (in A), violin, violoncello, and piano, deserve a more honest listening.  In so doing, enhake explores the life of the man/men behind (and within) this underappreciated work from an historical and theoretical viewpoint. [40 minutes]


“It Takes Four to Tango”

            enhake traces the development of Argentine Tango from its inception through Tango Nuevo to the modern day with both an historical and stylistic gaze (although from an admittedly historically inaccurate combination of instruments) with: Maurice Ravel’s Habanera, Angel Villoldo’s El Choclo, Astor Piazzolla’s Preparense & Olivion, and John Mackey’s Breakdown Tango. [50 minutes]


“Quartet for the End of Time”

            The story of Olivier Messiaen’s monumental work Quatuor pour la fin du temps is widely known, but many of the so-called facts surrounding the work are questioned in this hour-long lecture recital.  enhake separates the facts from the many fictions that, in most cases, were created and/or perpetuated by the composer himself (for curious reasons) that help to make up this legendary tale. [60 minutes]